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It’s funny how people here don’t focus on the music and just go off tangents. This album haven’t been released yet so it’s normal that promotion will start next week. There’s the MOOV live launch next week and 903 interviews obviously will happen. You think Warner is really that dumb to not promote it?? With all these singers they have right now everyone is in line to wait. There will be a concert next month at a hk church to promote this and it’s normal that the new song has not chart in 903 yet as it’s just released and there soo many songs from the album to choose from. This album is definitely the most anticipated and high quality album in hk this year and I think good music will get recognized.

Janice don’t have much fans in this CM forum and in general low profile so she’s not usually discussed so then people just say it’s no promotion.. it’s just funny. Hope people can actually anticipate this album and wait to hear these songs. Commercial gospel music is just rare in Hong Kong and Warner did something extraordinary this year in their music production


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If the company truly don’t care for her and wants zero promotion then this will be a digital release.

Also they would invest all this money to make a touchable CD cover? Just cause the song did not chart this week you start to panic?


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I dont think i'm overreacting at all as you basically recited what i said  about being too premature that there will be no promotion for this album. i was just expressing my excitement for this album and that people should focus on the music itself and not her relationship with Warner.

Regarding the tours in mainland china its definitely for income purposes. Of course janice won't make as much as kay, joey, sammi, and miriam as they have commercial endorsements, movies, and what not. Janice only sings so her main source of income is from shows and mainland china obviously will pay more than the dozen shows Hong kong can give her (if any). even joey said couple years ago at 903 awards that Hong kong have very little opportunities to do shows except your own concerts at Hk coliseum which don't happen every year. The only form of promotion is really radio interviews and playing your music in radio. So it makes sense she goes to china and she will continue to do so as oppose to doing live shows with hK stations that can giver her very little earnings. She might not be well known in mainland but at least those audience know her cantonese songs and those small shows are sold out all the time so they can keep the tour going. The only incentive to have more exposure with hk radio stations is to get female gold again which we conclude has no impact to her career. So I guess she choose money over exposure if she wants to save up to do things she likes.

I think its premature to say Janice won't be resigning, but do agree there is a high chance that she may go to school next year if she gets in, but can't doubt that warner also has other music project in line for her. Also, the worshipping in New York was related to work because she had a lay over there before going to canada to do gospel show to support a local charity organization and she did couple radio interviews in canada. HK radio interviews will happen and since holy workout song released around the same time as the album launch its obvious that the interviews will come later this month/early October.

Regarding keeping momentum and why Alfred and DJ had more songs is really dependent on the individual singer's style and how fast they can do their music at a decent quality and warner's decision.  i think Warner are open to signing singers that have talent and potential since they only do singles anyway for majority of their singers so signing Panther and Mag is a wise choice, but  Jancie will always have a spot in the company if she choose to do new music. Or she may go to school to take a break and then sign with other record companies. I think DJ is doing well, but it baffles me that Warner spends their budget on some other singers within the company that truly don't have the popularity and not making much progress except having good relationships with 903 djs. Janice don't mind having less exposure and giving those artists the quotas if it comes down to that but it don't seem to be working. My opinion only. its also the fact that Janice is really a veteran singer and doing music when its right time similar to Sandy Lam enjoying her life outside of music to learn how to cook and such.

Jill's package deal may be true but i thinks she knows deep down that she will be happy as long as she can do new music and its okay even if warner don't fully support her.  Its a mutual agreement and a win win situation because there is no expectations that Jill will be big and it won't be a financial burden to just help her release songs occasionally. Jill is a talented singer and if mag and panther can release songs then Jill has the right to do music. Also, if janice does leave to go to school Warner will still help jill release songs here and there as they have a family relationship. Same situation as how ella is still with the company despite not having songs.  No one can force a company to sign any singer and i dont think Janice is that stubborn or non flexible if Warner originally refuse to sign jill. But this topic is the past and really not relevant anymore.


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I do agree with your points on how little exposure in her Hong kong can hurt her popularity in music, but then this forum alone probably not the best measure and most janice supporters are silent readers anyway in my opinion.

I don't doubt Alfred and DJ's hunger and work ethic but then Alfred especially needs to be hungry in order to move forward because he really has not reached the top tier position yet in hk despite massive releases. Janice won't have accomplished all that without working hard either. If we want a singer to be revolutionary then it will take time. It just different because US singers and even mando singers release an album every other year and for the most part its a great production. Of course i hope this album is good and i can't have too much hope until I hear it but i can already tell that i will like it a lot better than Love and other things. The fact that Alfred releases all this music, which obviously will take the budget away from other singers and honestly Warner hK's budget and music quality is really not what it was before. Universal hK in my opinion does a much better job with promotion and consistency of music releases which has a balance of keeping commercial elements but being revolutionary.

I am frustrated at Warner's management style of Janice in certain areas like you mentioned as the imbalance is somewhat consistent with A music's management style. Of course Warner is not that bad, but then we can conclude its tottally due to janice's personality and not totally the company's fault. Another record company might be different and can push her to be more consistent with the music releases and the future is limitless so she is likely to sign with other companies in the future. Anyway deviating as well.


Not in I tunes :(


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Thank you Janice and Warner team
Finally i can say this is Janice’s true breakthrough and happy that she has a loop-able  album that has trendy music that truly represents Janice. I know Alex fung is the right person to do Janice’s music based on his work for Joey and gin lee and ivana. The reason why gin’s  live in the moment album was so great was due to Alex’s production quality. As a avid Janice fan I was not a fan of love and other things album as the songs there is still not her style and schuman in my opinion excels at producing pop songs more which can’t showcase Janice’s strengths as well as Alex can. Best is yet to come with Janice’s music


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Looping 家門 non stop at night and was looping 摩西的煩惱 during afternoon.
I can feel this special connection between Janice and jay. Don’t know why but really touched. Jay fung deserves way more and In my opinion has the most talent and potential compared to the other male singers in his generation.

Support here  from United states! This album and Jills new song to me the best canton pop I heard this year. Someone far away from Hong Kong is supporting great local hk music. Hope Hong Kong people can show support for their local singers. I will buy the physical CD online when it’s out !
Commercial gospel music is just rare these days in Chinese music industry. Much respect to Alex fung and Janice and Warner.


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High possibility in the future, but probably not soon. She will probably go in a longer break after next year and then sign with another company.


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Disagree with some comments here - universal hk in my opinion has a great music production team and budget to do quality albums. Kay, gin, Kary all had quality releases and it was universal/Cinepoly that elevated Kay to diva status. Of course there’s commercial aspect in all singers song choices but doesn’t mean uuniversal don’t do alternative music such as sandy lam under universal Taiwan and hk. Most of the well respected singers with years of experience signs under universal. Janice should be doing albums and not singles. I’m didsapoinres with Warner’s budget and resource allocation.
Anyway once again too premature to discuss Janice switching companies as she’s still with Warner and have projects coming up still.


MVs coming out soon (based on tvb interview)!
Seems to be same footages as the album pictures. Wondering why it’s taking  so long to be released on YouTube